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HX – drive adaptation

Our drive adaptation enables the easy mounting of all common drives. It consists of adapter flanges for motor and gearbox as well as the matching coupling.
52 product(s)
Suitable screw
Suitable screw
Cover for drive block HC025B
Cover for drive block HM040B, HC040B
Cover for drive block HM060B, HC060B
Cover for drive block HM080B, HC080B
Cover for drive block HM120B
Cover for drive block HT100B
Cover for drive block HT150B
Cover for drive block HT200B, HT250B
Coupling housing for HC025B
Coupling housing for HM040B/HC040B
Coupling housing for HM040S
Coupling housing for HM060S
Coupling housing for HM060B/HC060B
Coupling housing for HM080S
Coupling housing for HM080B/HC080B
Coupling housing for HM120B
Coupling housing for HM120S
Coupling housing for HT100S
Coupling housing for HT150S
Coupling housing for HT200S
Coupling housing for HT250S
Clamping hub GWE 5103 14 SP
Expansion hub size 14
Elastomer insert 12
Expansion hub size 12
Expansion hub size 19
Clamping hub GWE 5103 19 SP
Elastomer insert 14
Elastomer insert 19
Expansion hub size 24
Clamping hub GWE 5103 24 SP
Expansion hub size 14
Expansion hub size 28
Elastomer insert 24
Clamping hub GWE 5103 28 SP
Clamping hub GWE 5103 12 SP precision
Elastomer insert 28
Clamping hub GWE 5103 14 SP precision
Clamping hub GWE 5103 19 SP precision
Clamping hub GWE 5103 24 SP precision
Journal for HC025B
Journal for HM040B/HC040B
Journal for HM060B/HC060B
Journal for HM080B/HC080B
Journal for HM120B
Spacer GWZ-5106-1-19
HD1/HM040B HZS40HM040Bxxxx
Distanzscheibe GWZ-5106-1-24
HD2/HD3/HM060B/HM080B HZS50HM060Bxxxx/HZS50HM080Bxxxx
Distanzscheibe GWZ-5106-1-38
HD4/HM120B HZS80HM120Bxxxx